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Memoir of a College Grad

Where are all of the college grads at??!
Congrats to you all!
This is a piece that was submitted by our new contributor Rachel, enjoy!
                        The Way I see it through my 20something eyes
                                                By: Rachel ZEIGality  

As a recent College Graduate…life for me is very…umm what is the word…
Unstable? I left Charlotte, North Carolina and relocated to San Jose, California to move back in with my Mother. Than went to visit Sacramento, California for a month and recently I have been in Los Angeles, California for about 2 months!
It has been an eventful, fun and broke unstable past summer. I wanted to make sure I enjoyed my last summer. Since I will be joining the work force soon and I will no longer have the luxury of vacationing and being a vagabond. So NOW I’m dealing with the reality of not returning back to school and basically being free for the rest of my life, expect for a job or whatever lol…
As I enter this limbo in my life, I sense that I CANNOT…I repeat… I CANNOT be the only person who feels like I do. I’m truly inspired by everything and could not imagine working for someone else forever! I’m so non-traditional in the sense of well…everything. I’m truly a free spirit who is waiting to fly and spread my wings and figure out the world. Which does not included a BORING cooperate 9-5 job.
I need more, Although, I’m not 100% sure on my next journey in life. Hell let’s be honest I can barely deicide which direction I’m in moving in next but…. I fully accept and embrace that!  I’m 22, single and I already earned a College degree. I feel as if I have time to embrace my needs and truly learn myself.
I constantly remind myself not to allow myself to be hemmed up or be held to anyone’s standards or dreams but my own.
Simply because… It is MY life and I need to do what makes myself happy.
Like I said, half the time I’m not even aware of what makes me happy!
So I’m learning to make up my mind and stick with it, not worry about all the things that could potentially go wrong or 100million other what if’s.
I’m imbracing life as it comes especially with all this newly found freedom in my life!
I’m blessed and highly favored…but no really. Look up my name in the bible lol.
It’s Rachel!
Anyway…that is my take on life
Embrace your true desires.
Find out your passion, while your still young.
Enjoy being selfish…
It’s YOUR life!
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