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Fashion Police, Fashion Forward Weekly Update!

As summer is quickly coming to a close, fashion changes just as much as the weather changes. And when the seasons change, you have no choice but to change with it.

As the sun goes down, and the weather becomes cooler, do not be afriad of dresses with sleeves. This is a fun sleek look, to still look weather appropriate and fashionable. There are long sleeve and above the knee dresses available everywhere. Such as; Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Body Central. You may not be a fan of all of these stores but they do carry good products for reasonable prices. Dresses similar to this are $30.00 and under.

Also, do not be afraid of patterns and bright colors regardless the season. I know that people tend to go for browns, forest greens, cream, burnt orange, and tan (earthly tones) in the season of fall but there is nothing wrong with brightening a cloudy day. But be careful when choosing neon colors.

This week's look of the week was presented by @msg_ohmy. She was selected by DivisionElite's very own because we thought her look was great, and compliments several body types.

She wore six inch high heels that caught my attention. The shoes were breath taking because of its exotic style. The shoes were very high, and were higher than her knees. They were laced all the way up, and give a boot/heel affect. She topped these heels off with a pair of high waisted jean shorts, with rips on the side. And she wore a white sheer capri sleeved shirt.

This is a good look for a club/bar scene, or diner and a movie. Check out this outfit on Instagram @msg_ohmy.
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