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Why Buy the Cow When the Milk is Free?

So there's a cow, she gives her milk away for free. Every time you need milk, the cow supplies. However, the cow is not YOUR cow, it's no ones cow. Just a cow giving away free milk. You have the wonderful luxury of free milk whenever you want/need it, how likely is it that you are going to buy the cow? I mean why would you? You're getting everything you need from it, for free!

You're thinking, what does this stupid cow have to do with life? That stupid cow has a lot to do with life, and even more to do with our love lives.

The scenario from above, let's apply that to real life as it is today. Lets replace the cow with a female, the milk with sex/cohabitation, and you, well you are you.

Let's keep it real, women are always screaming, "Where the real men at?" Bashing and down talking men. When at the end of the day, you are a nickel out here looking for a dime. Women want to be wined and dined, treated with respect and all the glittery stuff. Here's the harsh reality, chivalry isn't dead, females who expect it have neglected the principal. Another topic for another day though.

Moving forward. Ladies, we make it too easy. We want a "Real man." What is even your definition of a real man? I haven't seen many plastic men walking around, plus please enlighten me if I've been misguided. Have you ever stopped to think whether or not you are a real lady?? I'm just sayin', lets play fair.

Make yourself available without making yourself available! Stop being so quick to give up the cookie... Statistics show that couples, on their third date engage in sexual intercourse. Third! After that third movie outing, or nice dinner, game over,  he got what he wanted. Except in the case that women are sexual creatures too; and who lives by double standards anymore? You got what you wanted as well.

That's fine and dandy until he starts acting weird, and even if he doesn't show it up front, he now knows how accessible you are.

Steve Harvey created this big phenomenon to act like a lady and think like a man. Let's leave the thinking like men idea to the men. Maybe if women thought like ladies, literally, there may be a little bit more good in the world.

What am I getting at here? What I'm getting at is, lets say that third dates turns out to be something really magical, very fairy tale-like, you two are crazy over each other. He moves in, y'all go through the motions of being a legit couple. Three years later you have 2 of his kids, and then comes the extra drama. Other Baby mommas, etc. A few more years go by and this guy is still just your boyfriend. I bet its not because you make good chicken. You have given everything a husband deserves to get from his wife. Except y'all aren't married. And the sad part is, he loves you, he really does. He just doesn't see the point in making anything official by some church that's already official in his home. Think about it, he's been getting to wake up with you by his side every morning, 3 meals a day, a good woman to cater to him, sex when he wants. You both are working and bringing home a steady income and supporting your family the best way y'all know how. To him, what is a piece of paper going to change about that scenario?

I know a lot of guys are reading this and probably really upset, and ladies are thinking, this idea is super crazy. I'm not suggesting couples limit themselves to only FaceTime calls and dinner dates, but I am merely pointing out that when you make yourself too available, you are making unavailable to a certain extent the very things you most want in the end of the relationship.

Ladies, stop being the cow that gives her milk away for free, if a man ever does decide to "buy you" it will probably take like forever, when you're out of free milk to give! Be aware of how special it is to withhold some things, or not bring everything to the table at once.

Continue to be great boyfriends and girlfriends but don't give all your milk away for free, you become useless, except of course for the milk you give away ever so generously. Free milk is always good, but a well-preserved source is priceless!

I'll upload some more specific details on relationship foundation in correlation to time of initial sexual intercourse soon, in the meantime, guard your milk !

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