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Repercussions of Borrowed Love

You can never have a little love without having a little bull shxt! How often you allow that bull shxt to influence your relationships longevity is solely up to you!

How many of us feel like our relationships have a hold on us and act accordingly? You'd be lying if you just said, "not me" because the truth is, whether your boyfriend/girlfriend has a negative or a positive hold on you, react accordingly.

The mystery question is, WHY STAY SOMEWHERE YOU ARE NOT HAPPY?
It just doesn't make any sense. None of us are getting any younger so to think that magically, one day that love bug is going to sneak up on you and make you feel that spark towards your lover is going to reoccur, you are sadly, but surely mistaking.

Not saying that if this is your scenario to lose hope, BUT if you KNOW that's not where you want to be, GET OUT! Don't waste time. Not his/hers, and certainly not your own. It's not a sin that you're not happy with them, but it is a shame if you are just keeping them around for the sake of it.

You want to have your cake and eat it too? of course because who wants to just have cake and not enjoy the luxury of eating it? Another discussion for another time. But let's just say do the right thing. Don't linger around somewhere you don't to be. Would you be walking around the county jail if that was somewhere you absolutely could not stand? Absolutely not. My point proven.

Harsh, yeah I know. But a Philadelphia film maker makes a short film concerning the same matter. It's titled "Happy Birthday" and it's about a girl in a relationship and isn't sure about how she feels about it.

I should warn y'all, her boyfriend is a gentleman, he's trying his best for his lady. But y'all know how it goes. Have a good guy at home but steady chasing the guys who want relations as opposed to a relationship.

I won't waste any more of your time, just watch it.

There's no hidden message for any of my readers, just a short film i found and wanted to share with you guys...

Check it out!

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