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Let's Be PHorreal Weekend Inspiration!

We at divisionELITE are all about inspiration and positive reinforcement! We want to open your minds up to the elaborate, enlightening, intellectual "Let's Be PHorreal" official conference calls!

Anthony Hyland, CEO of Hyland Enterprises offers free weekly conference calls open to the public.

I listened in last week and knew I wanted to share with you guys! The message was "Get off your behind and get your blessing" I can not begin to tell you guys how that call helped me through the week.

Through inspirational quotes and spiritual guidance, Hyland does a phenomenal job at sharing some upligting information for those who listen in.

I won't continue to bore you guys, the proof is in the pudding!!
Make sure you guys tune in TONIGHT at 8PM EST all you have to do is call in, enter the access code and get inspired!
Information is listed below:

Conference Call #: 424-203-8400
Access Code: 819812
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