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June Music Mayhem!

The month of June, as expected was crazy! Y'all were alive and present; we had J. Cole release his album a week early to compete with Kanye West, Jay - Z throw out there that he was releasing "MCHG", Mac Miller released his new project, and aside from all of the singles and features that were summer time fine, Mr. Wale Folarin released his third solo album, "The Gifted".

We wanted to do album reviews on all of these artists but there is just so much to say! For goodness sake, J. Cole, Kanye and Wale all in a matter of two weeks!

Kanye outsold Cole by a few thousand, but we got word that Wale's album is #1 in the country right now. We expected nothing less, but way more skeptical listeners were the ones with doubts! Six days ago, he was predicted to sell 150K in the first week [via The Smoking Section]. "The Gifted" has sold 151K and will land Wale on the #1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Not only did three phenomenal modern day hip-hop artists release albums, J. Cole also announced that he is planning to release two of his mixtapes as albums. He said it's not so much for the money as it is for the proper recognition of his material. Social networks had a field day explaining why they are or why they are not planning on purchasing his re-released material.

Our favorite songs on the released albums have to be J. Cole's "Crooked Smile," Kanye's "Blood on the Leaves" and Wale's "LoveHATE Thing"

Happy July everyone, and make sure to visit us for your daily dose of new music, entertainment news and everything in between!!

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