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Boundaries of Racism?

Quick question. Why is it that when a white person is caught saying any variation of the N word, America is quick to label them a racist? Namely Paula Deen, and the latest incident Riley Cooper.

I don't think Riley Cooper is racist at all. I think Riley Cooper is desensitized by the abuse of the word nigga/nigger. I think as black people we praise the word. When used amongst fellow black friends nigga has a positive connotation, like bro or homie. We address each others as such in the presence of whites and other races. We flaunt it in our music. We broadcast it on social networks.

Hmmm. Here's an example: you tell your friends how nappy your sisters hair is and she needs a serious hot comb ran through it. It's your sister so YOU can talk about her. But let you catch your friend telling someone else how nappy your sisters hair is. Now its a problem? Absolutely not. It's like you can't bring business from the household to the world to see and then be upset when the world mimics your actions.

Here's my advice: Just shut up! Black people stop using the word out of context. stop using the word period. stop putting it in songs. stop referring to your friends and family as such. Stop pulling the "We can say it but they cant" card. JUST STOP! I feel as though America is so backwards.

I can't speak for any white people but I can speak on what I have witnessed during my time on this Earth as a black person. EXCUSES. I have met too many black people who rely on the race card.

STOP blaming the white man. If you can't get a job. It's probably because you are not qualified. You might not have the experience. Hey, there may be someone just a little better fit for the position.

We have to stop putting barriers on how we live based on a race. based on a system. based on stereotypes. based on surroundings.

It's like we've neglected all cognizance of our abilities to have a thorough presence. We are fully capable of being hard working, motivating, responsible, etc. We choose to ignore that and look for the nearest white person to blame. The closest court system to blame. The worst story of our childhood to blame. STOP.

STOP blaming where you are from for your failures. You aren't successful maybe because you lack proper work ethic. If anything, the struggles you've witnessed should motivate you not hinder you! We all have the same 24 hours. What you chose to do with yours is on you, not your surroundings. You are not a tree, if you don't like where you are, leave!

Why does EVERYTHING have to be a white thing or a black thing. Like oh, that white girl is shaking her butt, she was influenced by the black girls. And this one gets me every time. How come when a black person speaks proper English he/she is "talking white." That statement right there puts the power in the white persons hands over blacks. You are admitting our ignorance. Just stop!

and STOP being ignorant. Educate yourselves. Almost all of us have smart phones and browse Social networks all day. But how many of us take the time to head over to google to learn something new. To research something before ranting about it.

Like why do so many people think that Obama has any power over the Trayvon Martin Case???? How many people voted for the president based off of his plans for actions as opposed to his skin color? How many people know that the word Nigger was derived in context of Africans being kings.

I can go on for paragraphs expressing my feelings and thoughts based on the above stated but I don't want to talk your heads off. Please, my fellow African-Americans PLEASE, I beg you to educate yourselves. You can never know TOO MUCH! Take responsibility. and lastly respect yourselves.

P.S. This is just part one because I do feel so strongly about this situation. I feel as though I left a lot of points out and touched on others briefly. I hope to offend no one. That is never my goal. I just am calling it like i see it and as it has been displayed to me.


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