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Your Fashion Foward Update!

Hey Ladies! Its that time for your weekly dose of fashion! Hope you all read last week's blog, but this one is going to be even better!

However, if you happened to miss last week's posting, Divisionelite has decided to bring the fashion we discuss online to life, by displaying a selected woman or male of Pittsburgh that have successfully walked the streets of Pittsburgh in a fashionable manner. Every week, the web will be surfed by yours truly, and the rest of the Divisionelite family where we will search for that one person who took fashion forward.

So Ladies and Gentleman, this is just a heads up to keep in mind to post pictures on your social networks, when you feel you are looking fly, and feel free to tag us in the picture so will not miss your attire.

Also feel free to try the outfits we post, for fashionable looks that women can try, and tag us in that as well.

So Let's Go Ladies & Gents, its time to get sexy, classy, and fashionable! And post today!
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