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Who Is the Next Fashion Forward of the Week?

This week's Miss Fashion Forward is @prettybrownkeia. She stunned ingrammers everywhere as she rocked an outfit from the Kardashian store located in Miami, called "Dash."

Yes this store is very costly, but there are very similar looks such as this in affordable locations across the city.

This young fashionable woman wore a pin stripped leotard, with all black leather shoes, and a leather waist belt. This look was daring, but beautiful! Showed much skin, but there is nothing wrong with flaunting what you got ladies! She looked great!

Leotards are an item of clothing that is constantly on and off the market, in and out of style but leotards are in this summer. However, you must be very particular about the style and fabric of the leotard you choose. Sometimes the pattern on the clothing is what can make it bad.

If you feel that wearing just a leotard is too risky for you, feel free to wear it with a skirt or pair of shorts. This will not take away from the outfit, and you will still look fabulous. However, keep in mind that if you choose a leotard with sheer and designed, it is important to keep the bottoms simple and sheek. Too many designs can also cause an outfit to look bad. Choose wisely when picking patterns.

Also remember to base the accessories off the outfit as well, because simply jewelry and studs are always a way to play it safe.

Thanks again ladies for reading, and don't forget to follow @prettybrowkeia on instagram to see the hot look of the week. Keep taking fashion forward!
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