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Summer is heating up and with everyday that passes, everyone is rooting for their favorite artists! I don't know about you guys but June 25 will be the day modern-day hip-hop changes forever. Why? You ask? Well, because June 25 is the day Grammy nominated, young business exec., and one of today's hottest MC's releases his third and highly anticipated album, "The Gifted."
My predictions on the thoroughness of this album are beyond measure. I can not guarantee you guys much about life, but I think I can guarantee your satisfaction and positive opinions on Mr. Folarin and his artistry.
Now, I know J. Cole is dropping his "Born Sinner" and 'Ye is dropping his joint. But the significance behind the dropping of The Gifted is prodigious. What is it y'all say now-a-days? It's levels to this sh*t.
To some of you, it's just another album, but to the fans of his early days, his "Flyer than the rest of them", pre-MMG, "Diary" Go-go, Seinfeld snippet days, "The Gifted" will be a statement --A reassurance that hip-hop is still alive. A Co-signature on artistic integrity. A validation of substance & reciprocity.
Shoutout to all the music lovers out there! All of those who appreciate lyricism, substance, the ability to keep crowd interest with subjects other than that of today's obsessions. Shoutout to all of the free-thinkers and open-minded supporters of the genre of hip-hop. All of you who can appreciate an MC for his talent, message, and overall persona.
Ms. Lauryn Hill stated on her  "Super Star" song that "Hip-hop started out in the heart." she poses the question of  your philosophy of what an artist should be. whether or not they are someone with prosperity and no concept of reality Her whole two verses sums up the state of hip-hop today. A lot of these 'artists' are getting by with club bangers while actual artists stand in the shade of pretenders posing to love the art.
In an interview with Sway, Wale was asked to give some insight on what we can expect from "The Gifted" it was then I realized exactly how intense this work would be. Check out the interview for yourself but what I appreciated most was what I have been appreciating about him. His aim not to make a club banger or a temporary song for the ladies, but his goal of longevity and persistence. That, ladies and gentlemen is the slightest difference that separates your favorite artist from mine.
Because we are used to the simple temporary jingles, not many can comprehend or even appreciate a what seems to be complex hot sixteen. Example? Chain Music. I bet y'all thought it was about some chains, huh? Titty Boy has no influence on these hits! Another example? 600 Benz. Little secret, wasn't about a car. There are A lot of double entendres today's listeners cant begin to soak up.
Regardless of the opinions you all have regarding Wale, this is fair warning that "The Gifted" will be the album of the summer --of the year for that matter. Proof that those lists are bogus and lack the proper knowledge and interest of authentic talent. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. June 25. The gifted.
It's time. The hustla', pridin' himself on the very things that they hate him for. Made it in a shady business that'll make you war wit' ya own patience or the very neighbors you made your boys before the race of greatness caved it in. Talented. Can't keep a woman happy emotionally cause at the present time, the present of his time is the only presence he keeps close to him. And truth be told, my n*gga, time is the true price paid when you on ya way from renting to owning sh*t. The gifted. Aren't we all? But who has the gull to prove to the blind that they can't see as far as the sight. May we all live level headed and dream even higher. and when them n*ggas nay-sayin' and doubtin', think about it and dream even higher. #THEGIFTED
::Keep an eye open for #TheGifted Tour dates, Folarin may be stopping by a city near you! oh, and don't forget to pre-order your copy of #Thegifted.::

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