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Ludacris Sued for "Stealing Lyrics"?!

A Chicago Rapper, Marvo, says that Ludacris stole his concept to his hit with Trey Songz, "Sex Room", the song everyone loved oh-so-much.

Marvo says he wrote the song way back in '09; him and Kajun (Producer of "Sex Room") wrote the song that we know as Ludacris' and Trey Songz' hit. Luda and Songz dropped the song just one year after Marvo and Kajun created it, allegedly.

Marvo does say that Luda' changed certain parts of the song, but there are portions that are the same as when he wrote it. Parts like "It's a private Party," and "Welcome to my sex room."

He has no song credit and therefore is suing Luda' and Trey for compensation.

WOW Luda'! A little song credit wouldn't have hurt anybody!!
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