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Let's Fashion Forward! This Week's Edition.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I hope all had a wonderful week, and an even better weekend.

This past weekend was a hot one, so I hope you guys were making a fashion statement and putting these weekly tips to use. Make the streets of Pittsburgh, or any city your personal runway, and work it like everyone is watching!

This week's Best Look of the Week is Ashley, and you can follow her on Instagram @a__michelle. This young woman is defiantely a young fashionista, and regualarly wears great outfits. In her look of the week she is wearing a T-Shirt dress. This style of dress is very popular this summer, and needs to be in your closet today.

The dress is all black and cotton, with big white letters at the bottom. The front reads LOVE, while the back says HATE. It is somewhat short and above the knee, and is also a V-Neck. The V-Neck of the dress is somewhat low to give a little curve action.

The only accessory she wore was small studded earrings, so she lightly accessorized. She wore the top of the market sussy strap heel shoes, that went perfect with her dress. Her shoes were also black and white with a touch of gold on the strap and on the heel.

Ashley did this look really well, and encourage ladies everywhere to do the same. And this dress can be found on multiple fashion Instgarm pages if you are looking to purchase this particular item, and the shoes are sold at Target.

Once again, you have just heard from the Fashion Madame, checking in with the latest and greatest 2013 summer fashion. And follow me at @prettypaigek to get daily fashion reports on Instagram.

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