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J. Cole Plans to Release "The Warm Up" & "Friday Nights" Commercially

It's a pretty competitive summer for the hip-hop community this summer! I mean, we got Kanye's album, Wale's "The Gifted", Mac Miller's new project, Jay-Z's "MCHG" and of course, J. Cole's "Born Sinner" which sold exceptionally well!

Cole is stepping out on this hype and plans to release two projects that have been released and free for the last two years, "Friday Night Lights" and "The Warm Up" as retail projects.

He told 97.9 that he regrets not releasing the projects properly:
"The classics that I had, I didn’t get a chance to like, have those be commercially sold…that was the only part that was missing,” he said. “So that’s my goal. Now that this album is doing well, my next plan is to release those commercially."
He explained the the re-released have nothing to do with sales, but with recognition. He says, My FIRST album was really my THIRD album.

That's deep!

"Friday Night Lights" and "The Warm Up" are two exceptional projects, what grabbed our attention and caught our interest of what a good emcee Cole is.

The crazy thing is, people really might purchase those already released mixtapes on the strength of it being J. Cole!

Good Luck Cole!

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