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If I Like it, I'll Like it: Instagram Pet Peeves

What's up with all of these bribes for likes on instagram? I swear people go through mission impossible for a like. Instagramers be like:

"Like 200 of my pictures, hop on one foot for 5 seconds, swim in a bath tub and then comment done and i'll like 5 of ya pics but i'm only doing the first three people and no private pages. And you must have 2.5K or more followers."
Meanwhile, your profile only has 15 pictures , and you don't have but 1,000 followers yourself. What exactly has the social world come to? Did it ever dawn upon these people that IF we liked their picture, we would like their picture?

That, my friends, begging for likes is among the many things that are likely to get you unfollowed on instagram. In case you are one of those obsessive instagram users who monitor their follower count and average likes per picture, here's the honest truth: YOUR WORTH IS NOT DETERMINED BY LIKES ON A PHOTO OR FOLLOWER COUNT. Ok so now you have 3K followers, but in real life, outside of the cyber walls, who knows you?

This is not to be mean, but just a bit of a reality reminder.

Not sure about the rest of the IG world, but the top things that annoy us are:

We have seen it all as far as games go, rate games, to be honest games, I don't f*&^ with you because... games, the list goes on and on.
The question is why? Every other post we see is about how you don't care about what anyone thinks of you, blah blah blah. YET, you continuously like those pictures to get put in those group rates. AND THEN have the nerve to get upset when your rate # isn't what you thought you were.

Good morning posts are beyond thee dumbest things ever! If you feel that strongly about telling that follower good morning, text his or her phone, the rest of your followers do not wish to see your crusty friends on their TL at 8 AM on a Monday morning! Like did you even tell your moms good morning yet?

Shout outs..... ummm where to begin??
Just why? y'all be like shout out like jaykwan cause his been followin me for 3 days and show all dha love. and he #TeamFollowBack. That's CORNY! Tect lil JayKwan's phone and express your gratitude for his follow and his love showing and keep your TL out of it. We don't care.

We already touched on the likes for likes subjects, but again, remember, if we like your picture, we will like it. Stop bending over backwards for a puny like. It's like paying for followers. its not genuine and you didn't get it for what it is.

Of course every itch will not be scratched, but these, my friends are the biggest and worst things to partake in on Instagram!!!!

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