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Here Is Your Fashion Forward Update Ladies!!!


This summer has flirty and flare written all over it. If you do not have a fashionable skirt in your closet RIGHT NOW, you need to go out and purchase one immediately.

There are several different styles of skirts all over the market. And I'm not talking bandage or high low skirts. Find a flirty above the knee skirt that will show off your curvy hips, but do not hug your body.

Also ladies, body suits are back in this year. There are several kinds of body suits out right now. Some are skirts, shorts, and also pants sets, and the tops vary in short sleeve, long sleeve, or haulter tops with sweetheart neck linings. They are available in many colors and patterns, but solid neautral colors are the best.

This is a great outfit that is appropriate for any setting, and can be dressed up or down, depending on choice of shoes and accessories. I would suggest that a body suit would be worn with wedge heels or stillettos with a beautiful large platted necklace and simple studded earrings.

Our Miss Fashion Forward of the week is Cherie Olivis/ @riemoney
as she wore her body green/yellow pant leg body suit. She looked absolutley gorgeous! You Go Girl! Go check this outfit out on instagram.

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