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Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

Today, fans celebrate the life and still mourn the death of one of the biggest icons in the hip-hop and rap game, Mister Tupac Amaru Shakur. He would have been 42 today and although he has been absent from the earth for 17 years, his impact is still major. His fan base is still strong. There isn't much we can tell you about the late rapper that you don't already know, but a few fans have given us their opinion.

What are/is your favorite song(s) & what do you think the state of music would be in today if Pac was still alive and making music?

 "Um probably "Changes" or "Ain't Mad At'Cha"." Music might have been a little different but I actually think it might be the same because it not like Nas, Jay-Z and all those people from that generation aren't still making music  I think that legends are legends but music is always welcoming new talent.
-Andre Saunders, Philadelphia
"Hell Mary" and "Dear Mama!""
"Right now Pac will have 100 LPs, 2000 mixtapes lol, he loved the studio; he lived for music. Hip-hop will never be the same without him. Just my thoughts. A lot of these trash nxggas would not be rapping because Pac would call everyone out. He made music that was for urban America and he expressed what the hood went through"
-Lex Dime, Philadelphia

"My favorite song is "Can you Get Away," You gotta hear it. He's so gentle."
-Tupac's biggest fan, Mierra Isaac, Philadelphia.

We have to agree with Lex Dime, we think Pac would have called out a lot of these bogus rappers today. But we will never know. Tupac, you are truly missed. As an artist, activist, actor, as a contribution to society.  You are owed so much homage that my never be expressed. Just know, there are a lot of little you's running around manipulating the game. Rest In Peace!

Yeah 'PacI was twelve when they gunned you, Wish you was around now to see what I've become see, You never had a sonIn the physical or literal but , Years later there's still a bunch of little you's Never seen you as lyrical But more as a voice that the whole culture  listen to Speakin the truth Like only you can do It's only right we lose greatness at its pinnacle I got a question for ya Little somethin to say Are you still mad at Biggie ? Are you still mad at Dre ? And are you happy at the way your legacy portrayed ? I'm trying to do for D.C what you did for L.A But music today It's getting lame for us They chasing fame rather than making a change for us They stop being artists They stop being honest They want that club shit Ain't no more damn mama's And you don't know me But knowin you through music is going to change the world In the futureTruly yours , WaleP.S Hey how long will they mourn you forever in the day ?-Wale Folarin, Washington, DC
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