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Glorified Mediocrity

Getting an allowance for chores --the initiation of glorified mediocrity at its finest!
In my household there was no such thing as an allowance growing up. Looking back, I had no right to be jealous of my friends or upset at my mom for withholding funds for doing what I was supposed to do.

I think allowance is the root of all evil today. OK, that's a little far-fetched but I do believe that allowance is/was one of the gateway drugs to what affects society today; the reason everyone searches for praise and recognition for things that they are supposed to do.

Better yet, it may be because everyone believes that the world is against us; we're born to lose, all odds are against us. Be that as it may, there's no excuse to bask in mediocrity. Some of society has become so lazy and hindered by life that social and educational standards have been lowered and there's a never-ending cycle of ego stroking based on mere mediocrity. There's a pattern of being obsessed with the goals and lives of celebrities, praising their high achievements but only expecting the bare minimum from the community.

I've been on Instagram and Twitter lately and seeing posts like, "Congrats to my cousin, she finished high school, I am so proud of her! No kids, and she has good grades." This is not to be mistaken, it's always good to see encouragement and positive reinforcement. However, you are supposed to graduate from high school. And at 17 and 18 you aren't supposed to have any kids. As a young gifted student, you are supposed to excel in the classroom and earn good grades. Things like that may go back to the idea of getting money for good grades. It's like, why are you rewarding students for doing what they are sent to school to do?

It's appropriate and great to be congratulated for achievements, as long as there are greater hopes and goals beyond what should be unquestionably expected.

We see a lot of people striving for the now  --A lot of people with great talents and gifts who feel that if only they can gain recognition in their classroom, neighborhood or city that they have reached the pinnacle they have potential to reach when in reality there's a whole world out there beyond the four walls of their limits. There is a whole magnitude of people YOU have the power to reach, to encourage, to entertain.

It's not the fault of those with low goals, but also those who praise those small goals and fail to encourage the next step. At some point ambitions are repressed, potential is miniaturized and mediocrity is made acceptable.

I'm not sure who is familiar with the poem, Our Greatest Fear by Marianne Williamson, but if you aren't, in short, it explains that we aren't fearful that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure. There should be nothing that hinders us. We should not dream small and we should seek liberation. The moral of this very poem is what we seem to lack lately --the idea of the bigger picture and the mindset that we are allowed to be great, and the fact that we are all gifted.

Not attending college was never an option for me. I just knew it was what I wanted to do. Not to say that I earned a degree to turn up my nose to those with a different life path than me but because why not? You can never be over-dressed too educated. And throughout my years of higher-learning, while returning home, I noticed just how much my peers had not too noticed that fact. Most are satisfied with their high school diplomas or GED's. I still greet them with an open heart and the smile the God gave me. I don't think any less of them. But it leads me to wonder what form of encouragement or opportunity were they denied for them to feel that is the highest form of achievement they are capable of.

Any-who, at the end of my college career, it is not recognition for completing my degree that I am searching for, but another window to further better myself, change the world, and make a difference. Be that another degree or jumping into a career, there is not much that can make me believe my work here is done.

I encourage you all to step out of the comfort zone of mediocrity and challenge yourself to do something greater. Never mind society's statistics and opinions. Those very predictions and assumptions are the poison that make us believe the bare minimum is enough to get by. There is always someone watching you, a little boy, or little girl on the fence about what they want to be in life. Don't let those who watch you, studying your tactics and morals believe that mediocrity is OK. The minimum should never be an option when you have the chance to achieve more. Don't cheat your followers and don't cheat yourself.


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