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Fashion Forward! Look Great on a Rainy Day!

Last week was an unfortunate rainy and cloudy one. I t rained, while the sun was covered by dark clouds more than we could enjoy beautiful summer weather.

However, the weather is absolutely no excuse to not look your best. Everday single day of the week, Monday through Friday is enough reason to dress to kill. Always remember that the world is your runway, so you must own it!

You can still be fashionable in the rain, so here are some tips. The next time you check out the weather, and your disapoointed because the day will consist of scattered showers. Do Not Fear, because Madame Fashion is here!

Invest in a cheap umbrella that you can find in any store, and purchase a pair of rain boots to match. Such as Cheetah and Zebra patterns, or solid colors. Some rain boots are high/knee length while others are short amongst the ankle. Make this investmet today, and wear your rainboots with a flirty skirt or basic pair of blue jeans.

And do not stop there! Also make it neccessary to have a rain jacket in your closet. Rain jackets are appropriate during any season, and are sophisticated. However, it is important to purchase a jacket that is long, almost knee length, with flow or ruffles. Also try to stay away from plastic, because this looks cheap.

This entire outfit will come together nicely, with a touch of class and sophistication.  Try this outfit today!
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