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Doc Rivers & KG to the Clippers ?

The NBA trade talk is heating up the Boston Celtics & L.A. Clippers have relaunched discussions on a new trade vision. This vision is talks regarding Boston coach Doc Rivers and forward Kevin Garnett to potentially go to LA in a HUGE multi-player deal, according to sources with a close insight on this process. 

Initially the Celtics had talk that they will NOT allow Rivers out of his final three years and $21 mullion on his contract unless they receive both Bledsoe and Clippers center DeAndre Jordan in a corresponding trade for Garnett. They also added to that deal at least one future first-round draft pick as compensation for Rivers, 

However sources say the Clippers made it CLEAR they will not include Bledsoe in correspondence to the Garnett trade. 

This deal is not final but if this trade does happen that could take part of the backbone of the Boston Celtics away.

Guess the L.A Lakers are not the only team against the Celtics. 

Watch analyst Marc Stein speak on the terms of this deal. 

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