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Do Home Wreckers Exist?!

During/after the break up stages of a relationship, people usually look for a "home-wrecker" to blame. Well that's a super cool way to NOT take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, now isn't it? Absolutely.

First of all, why are ladies labeled as home-wreckers more often then guys? Do guys not "wreck homes" too? That's another matter for another day though.

No, I'm not saying it's okay for scheming females who plot on relationships or have no problem being willing to play the side chick, what I'm saying is you are making it okay for them to get one step closer to your prized possession ! 

What is defined as Home-wrecking? Wrecking a happy home? Quite frankly, the home couldn't be/have been that happy if your significant other has absolutely no problem with entertaining someone else. I can think of no other sold justification. Us as females are so quick to point fingers at who is entertaining out men, but fail to realize that YOU gave HER that window of opportunity.

A home that is built on a solid foundation has less of a chance of being wrecked, but a solid foundation does not excuse carelessness and complacency throughout the course of the relationship from there on out.

It is true, as humans, we lack the ability to be perfect. some males and females couldn't stay faithful of their lives depended on it; they are unhelpable.
But for those people in relationships who show no intentions of straying, you should appreciate that. Nurse that trait. Most of all, act upon their desire to give you their all. Do not become complacent and lose what makes you happy and as a result of your nonchalant mindset blame another person for doing the very thing you were responsible for doing.

So, to answer the question, No. Home-wreckers do not exist in the form of another being. The only wrecker of a happy home is a resident who lacks interest in keeping the home strong and together. And sometimes its not even another person, maybe the relationship has just run its course.

Worried that you may be your own home-wrecker? Read our article "Being the Other Women" for a few tips on keeping your relationship going by simply....being the other woman!


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