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Chad Johnson Will Spend 30 Days in Jail

Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson was seconds away from not spending any time in jail , however he totally messed that up.

The ex NFL star was arrested and ordered to spend 30 days in jail during a court hearing.

According to TMZ Johnson had pissed off a a Broward County judge by slapping his male lawyers butt during his hearing.

What hearing ???

Well Mr. OCHOCINCO was in court because he had violated his probation earlier this year. His lawyer was seconds away from sealing a deal for no jail time but the "BUTT" slap happened and enraged the judge.

Addition to the 30 days of jail time, Johnsons probation was extended until December 21, 2013 and he must complete an additional 25 hours of community service with extra therapy sessions. 

With a marriage , NFL career , and personal life down the drain.. 

I HOPE these 30 days helps this man learn his lesson ----- FINALLY !!!!!

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