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Bitter Reality: Tiara Thomas Leaves Wale's Label

"Shout out to Tiara Thomas and her situation..." -Wale.

Not too sure who read the post "Who is Wale Tweeting About" a few months ago, but those who did and attempted to connect the dots may find closure in the last few minutes of his interview with Hot 97.

When asked about artist Tiara Thomas (driven to fame, featured on #1 hit single Bad, blazzay blah, Wale responded that she, who had been rockin' with him for some years now is NOT his artist.

"I was a causality in the game," Wale said. "The bitter reality just hit me but its all good. Shout out to Tiara Thomas."

Hot 97 Interviewers were under the impression that TT was with Wale for six months prior to the release of "Bad" in hopes that she could be a signed, groomed artist under him; the harsh fact is Tiara Thomas has been hangin' for TWO YEARS, being the potential second lady of BOA and bamboozled her way to another label.

Not big on rumors, but word is that she signed with some peeps over at Interscope/division 1.

Real Wale fans, y'all hear that?? INTERSCOPE! Wale tries to refrain from throwing shade to those who have wronged him, but those not familiar with Wale and Interscope's acquaintanceship, they did not end on the best of terms.


Here's the thing. A lot of you guys were introduced to her on "Bad" which, she did write the hook for. Prior to, she was chillin' on YouTube, recording here and there. She said in a video that she met Wale in an Atlanta club during one Spring Break during her undgrad at Ball State Univ. From that day to this one, Wale has groomed and MADE Tiara Thomas the artist she is.

"She just did what she thought was best in her best interest. I guess that's what all people's gonna do. Shout out to her and her situation," Wale said. "She talented, she dope so if you wanna support her, you jus' support her. I'm not gonna throw no shade to her, it jut is what is. I earned. she'll have a great career"

[Tweets from February 2013]
By real life buzz, he means real life buzz! From clubs to billboards! Appearances on Jimmy Falon, American Eagle Ads, countless features, all of that.
So you're wondering how did another label just up and take TT? Wale says in the interview about how he really is not that into paper work to soon, he wants to vibe with that artist, see where they can go, musically. The greater question is how can someone ignore and neglect the fact that their career was surfaced and blossomed by the very person they are neglecting. Talk about betrayal! Wale says their situation arose while TT was still rockin' with him. In other words, had it not been for her presence with him, her introduction with her new label wouldn't have been made so early.
"Their situation met through....I was recording with the situations she's in now...they's just the game though," Wale said.
Not too sure if the remix dropping later will still feature Tiara Thomas or not, but we know it definitely features Rihanna! Way to rise above the rumors and accusations Mr. Folarin!

Anywho, in my own personal opinion, Loyalty does come with a lot of fine print. Loyalty is a contract in and of itself. There aren't too many people in life we can depend on to fulfill a loyal role, let alone in the industry. I believe that, one, everything happens for a reason; and two, that no matter what the magnitude of that of which you do for a person, their personal interest will always be first. That being said, pick your poison wisely.
And remember, sometimes the same person you'd take a bullet for is the same one behind the gun.

On a Lighter note, it seems he isn't too upset at the moment, they appear to be o good terms as he tweets that he s on the phone with TT plotting on what's next. She's his n*gga for the record, and for the record. Politics or are they really cool?? No. Comment.
TT is without a doubt an incredible artist, however, no amount of talent can supersede the principle of loyalty.
We wish you the best in all you future endeavors, Ms. Thomas.
Make sure you guys stop back at 3 for the release of Bad Remix Ft. Rihanna!

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