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Who cares if Rihanna and Wale had sex?

So there is this big deal of whether or not Rihanna and Wale have been engaging or have engaged in sexual activity. It really isn't that big of a deal either way.

Basically, supposedly, there were leaked DM's of the Gifted rapper going at it with an pset, nagging, thirsty for a response 'fan'. After several response, Wale ended with saying,
"Money spent well homo while i fuck riri you beat off to her pics gay boy".

How true it is, who knows. He may have been saying it to say it, he may have really had sex with RiRi. Who knows. Quite frankly who cares?

That's the problem with society and the industry. Why does is matter who had sex with? neither of those people are contributing to the advancement of your life. They aren't paying any of your bills or even know you.

Let these people be great! Wale, Rihanna, and everyone else out there are people like the rest of us. everything does not need to be magnified.
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