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What's Hot This Summer?

Summer is approaching quickly and, boy, can we not wait to take advantage of the weather!
Hot weather means the cutest outfits, swimwear and accessories!
Everyone's anticipating their vacations, especially those Miami trips. Don't miss out on Summer swimwear trends:
 Tube tops are definitely staying relevant and the shredded look adds the extra icing on the cake. Perfect for those Miami and Cali trips.
 Mismatch pairs! Who says your top and bottoms must match? Be spontaneous, rock your pink bottoms and blue tops.
Colors, colors.....oh, and more colors! Dress for the season, leave your boring solid color swimwear in last years wardrobe, color blocking is what's hot for this summer!

We guess we can't necessarily parade around the city in swim wear all day; so whats hot in street wear?

Prints and colors! You just can't go wrong with the right combo of prints and colors!

Rip 'em up, rip 'em up!
These distressed jeans have made yet another presence this year, this time a bit more edgy and revealing! Don't sleep on you short wear this summer! Even printed bottoms are in, and if you can rock them right, get yourself some half and half shorts!
Acces$orize !
Accessories have the potential to make or break an outfit. Choose wisely! This clear clutch by Swank Couture is what we would definitely recommend for your summer wardrobe. Yes, it's clear, high quality couture, and affordable!
RINGSSSS!!! No one said you had to have a limit on your hand jewelry! Stack up on those rings! Now, dont walk around looking outrageous; know your limit!
Chunky bangles make statements. If you are going to wear a gazillion rings, refrain from a lot of arm jewelry. But, if you choose to stack up, stay trendy. Different is better!
Acces$orize !
we are in the season of everyone wanting to be "different" and by all means, we love to see variety. However, remember everything is not for everybody. Don't over-do it! A wise woman once said, "Don't dare to be different. Dare to be yourself"

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