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Prom is such an exciting season. Until you get on social networks and see that young females are completely disrespecting the dress code of ethics, morals, and fashion.

This is just wrong. The left picture is the epitome of "When trying to be different goes wrong". Who in the world said that was appealing? Or even tasteful???? SMH.
The pic on the right had potential to be a somewhat nice ensemble. Until she wanted to be ms. "Gucci Gucci Louie Louie Fendi Fendi Pradaaaaa." Come on now. Granted, this was an 8th grade prom. But what female let their little sister wear combat boots to prom? Nice try baby girl.
Here we have Gucci girl again, but with her twin. Her dress is excusable. But she took the whole "girls in J's" phenom a little to far. JORDANS TO PROM???? Where are their friends? Where are their big sisters??
The life of the party. . .Looks like the stitch work is pretty alright. But who designed them? This is just all wrong for prom. For anything.
There is no happy medium. We have prom fails on polar opposites! Simple is better, but this is simply boring. Maybe it was a last minute find. Who knows.
This isn't as bad as the pictures above but this child still needs guidance! I can see where she was trying to go with the whole belly button cut out thing; but. FAIL.
This photo only made the FAIL cut because it is not really prom material. The caption on this IG photo was from a designer making this for a family friend going to prom. The piece itself is sharp! Just not prom appropriate.
Check back later this week for more of what you shouldn't let your sisters and friends go to the prom in!


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