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Summer Time Fine! 2013 Summer Fashion

Well ladies, it is finally that time of year that everyone patiently waits for... I'm sure you spent majority of the year in school, on the job, or just devoting much time to your personal hobbies and activities.

Well no need to fear, because SUMMER is finally here! And since you spent the whole year working hard, its time to celebrate and enjoy the summer and look fabulous!!!

You don't want to be caught dead in something out of date, you only want to be seen in the latest and greatest! And I am going to help you do so...

If you are looking to be fabulous on a budget, visit your local Target today. Target is carrying a current brand of shoes for $30.00! Yes Ladies, no exaggeration. They are now carrying cute sleek sandals, and low heels. One particular popular shoe that Target carries is the Women's Xhiliration Sussy Strap heel. The strapped heels are defientley one of the top fashion statements on the market right now. Go check these out today ladies!

Also feel free to visit your local Forever, Charlotte Russe, and Macy's because these three particular stores are currently carrying the full length skirts. Flirty skirts are in! Skirts are always a great fashion statment, and in all forms. However, choose a skirt with some flare, and one that will move in the wind. Form fitting/ Bandage skirts are a little out dated. High-low skirts are also a little old, but are still accepted. High-Low skirts look best when worn with a full length tucked in skirt and belt. And not only is High-Low skirts still FAB, but high low shirts are even better! These shirts can be worn in a variety of ways. Summer Pants are also a high definition fashion statment, which are high wasted cotton material pants. They are not form fitting, and also have a flow to it.

An outfit you should add to your closet today is a pair of black or white summer pants, a bamboo bra, and strapped wedges. Incorporate some color in the bamboo bra, and accessorize properly with a light necklace and bracelets. These materials can be found in all the stores I previously mentioned.

Also follow @thefashionwhore on instagram, where you can also get great fashion ideas!
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