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NEW MUSIC: Kelly Rowland - Dirty Laundry

kelly rowland dirty laundry e1368116985703 New Song: Kelly Rowland   Dirty Laundry

Kelly tells it exactly how it is for the whole five plus minutes. Beyonce, an abusive relationship, and so much more.
Everyone screaming for real music MUST listen to Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry."

One of my sisters made me rush to hear this song and I am shock.
I am one to pick a song apart and find the hidden message, no need to search, no lines to read between. She laid it all out.
Everything looks/ed good from the outside looking in, until we learn exactly what Kelly has been going through.

She said "swear y'all don't know half of this industry." Just listen, she vents to her listeners on one of the realest singles of 2013. Airing her dirty laundry, it is understood why she has been going so hard.

"He turned me against my sister. I missed ya"
                   "While my sista was on stage killin it like a mothafucka I was in rage feelin' it like a mothafucka...bird in a cage you would never know what i was dealin' with. went our seperate ways  but i was happy she was kiliin it. bittersweet she was up, i was down..."

"Meanwhile this man been puttin' his hands on me..."
                    "Kinda lucky I was in her shadow..."

Listen for yourself! 

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