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J.Cole Isn't Afraid of Kanye

We all knew that J.Cole was releasing his album "Born Sinner" on June 25th, along with 
Wale's "TheGifted"

WELL , some things have changed. Cole has moved his release date up to June 18th.

JUNE 18TH, is also the release date for Kanye West's album "Yeezus".

According to a source close the Cole they said,
" J.Cole is really confident about this album. He worked so intensely in the studio, produced the whole thing, was really laser focused. He is more confident than ever and isn't afraid to come out on the same day as Kanye. In fact, he's embracing it. He want to be in the mix."

I have faith that Cole will do well. 

Look out for Born Sinner and Yeezus June 18th.
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