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Fashion Forward!!!

I hope you guys took some time to check out last week's fashion bog, because every week things are going to get better and better!


This past weekend, I seen a few Memorial weekend fashion DO NOTS! It is never alright to wear red, blue, and white hair! It does not matter the style or weave, these dramatic colors are not becoming on anyone and is not a high class fashion statment. It is also not alright to neon bubble sungalsses, these are out dated. And YES sunglasses eventually go out of style too. Neon is also not the color this year.

Also to every sophisticated, stylish woman, it is always important to be very particular about choosing a white colored shoe. I personally am not a fan of white high heeled shoes, but there are nice white high heel shoes on the market. NEVER, choose a patten leather shoe in any color. I have seen some people still wearing patten leather shoes, but I have come to tell you what your friends have not done. TAKE THOSE SHOES OFF! This style of shoe is not a high class fashion statment at all. Try a Jeffrey Campbell look, or a six inch thick heeled solid color pump. If you want to go a cheaper route, go visit your local Charlotte Russe or Shoe Tweak, these stores have these styles available.

An outfit you should try is cupcake flowy neautral colored skirt, that is above the knee and is flirty on all figures with a capri sleeved top that is cut low around the brest area. Show those legs and curves ladies!

And our Instagram follow of the week is @fashionclimaxII. This exact outfit suggestion is on there, and they have tons of outfits that I'm sure will strike your interest.
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