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True Life: I am Team Natural

This is a bit recycled, but in case you missed the link, check out my thoughts on being natural. [as published on] 

True Life: I am Team Natural

This post was written by our new contributor Chantel Peterson:

El Naturale.
Natural hair is one of those things that never go out of style. Today, natural hair is something to be embraced, something to be proud off. How many of you have friends who have went through the "big chop". Yes, they go from the creamy crack the bouncy curls. What team are you on?

We’ve all seen the infamous #TeamNatural hash tag, where in today’s global conversation, natural hair has become a cause.  However opinions are inevitable and therefore ladies, its first important that you like it, and embrace it, because your choice was made for you, not by the social hypocrites who scorn at a women in her natural elegance. One thing you may count on, is that confidence will never go out of style.

Bigger is better!
Long, and easy to handle, but an occasional challenge; exactly how I prefer my hair!
One thing I’ve noticed since going natural is my hair doesn't hesitate to grow. It’s free of a lot of harmful chemicals. Another, I rarely ever have to say, “Hey, don’t get my hair wet!” Gee is that a relief?! Lastly, it just looks so purity, young, wild and free.

“Good hair means curls and waves. Bad hair means you look like a slave. . . At the turn of the century, it’s time for us to redefine who we be.” – India.Arie
Ms. Arie’s song “I am not my hair”, is an ethical statement to live by. In the same sense, we are our hair. It’s what we pay the most attention to, what we spend the most time on, and for some, a form of expression
Trendy Natural styles:

Classic Fro, neat and Afrocentric.

No shade to the chemically influenced ladies, but the natural ladies have got a special something intertwined in those full locks of theirs. More than a trend, some ladies find spiritual significance in their refinement from chemicals and heat. Me, I honestly think it’s beautiful.  Have you ever been around white people who are in shock by the things we can do with our hair? Their reactions are usually the funniest, but the biggest realization that we have something that amazes a race that once oppressed us and swore up and down that we were “ugly.” And, it is ours naturally.

#TeamNatural! Happy To Be Nappy, My hair doesn’t need a relaxer, it ain't stressing; no lye. No lye. No lyyyyeeeee.

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