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The Good Old "FRIEND ZONE"

We all have either been put in the friend zone or put someone else in the friend zone but did you or the other person play that part of a friend. Well here is the definition of being in the friend zone. And that is basically being a FRIEND, nothing more and nothing less. Someone you can call to go places like out to the club or even go have drinks. Someone you can call to talk about your problems and is there for you whenever they need you to talk. Someone you are close to. Now when you’re in the friend zone you get all this but also think that there is more going on in the friendship because someone starts to catch feeling for the other person and wants more than what is being offered. They develop feelings for that person and start to want more. But they don’t get that because they got stuck in the friend zone. This is a really bad position when you are in love with a friend. So those out there who are this position the best thing you can do is just ask that friend and see if they feel the same if not MOVE ON!!!

Stay tuned to hear about playing the position that are you given.

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