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Secret Meaning in J.Cole's [Power Trip] Video

J.Cole released his video for his single Power Trip, Tuesday, April 9 and it had everyone in shock.

If your new to Cole's music take a listen to his song "Dreams" of his The Warm Up mixtape and the video may make a little more sense. 

The video is about the lovesick rapper who's pretty much obsessed with being in love with a women. Craving for her attention, he faces an obstacle "Her Boyfriend" which is played by Miguel who's also featured on the track. After a night at the strip club, Cole and a friend find themselves outside of the girls home. Miguel prepares for work and his goodbye to his girl ends up being his last. 

The video then takes an unexpected turn , ending in Miguel being buried in the woods.


Well Cole served as creative director for the video and he surely did an excellent job. 

I'm still amazed everyday on how talented Cole is with his lyrics, cant wait until #BornSinner is released June 25.

Take a listen to Cole's song "Dreams" below to see where the meaning of "Power Trip" even came from. 

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