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Possibility That Rick Ross Will Lose up to $5M

God Forgive, Reebok Don't!

After being dropped from Reebok for his very unmoral date rape statement in a song ("U.O.E.N.O." ), he apologized and still has hard feelings Reebok for dropping him.
As a result of his departence with Reebok, it is reported that he will lose anywhere from $3.5M to $5M.

Ricky Rozay feels as though he has done so much for the shoe company and they are wrong for not standing by him.

Here's the thing, Mr. Ross, there's a such thing as a morality clause, and once you do something SOOO unmoral to represent yourself, you are now misrepresenting the company.

Maybe next time just rap about bunnies or something :/

What do you guys think??`
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