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NEW MUSIC: Ray J- I Hit It First

A ton of hype has been going around about a song that was being released by singer/reality television star Ray J late last week. The track titled "I Hit It First",  featuring Bobby Brackins is clearly a blow to his past relationship with Kim Kardashian.

The single cover features a blurred photo of Kim Kardashian in a bikini and also mimicks a Kanye West's album My beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover. 

The entire world knows about Ray J and Kim Kardashian being a hot item years ago, but Mr. Ray cant seem to let go. Kim who's now pregnant by West, recently divorced from Kris Humphris , and has past relationship with Reggie Bush has surely let him go.

Ray J said in an interview,
"It's a song, it's not about that. It's about a concept, you know what I'm saying. People are going way too deep. People have to keep it on the surface. I'm not tryna create no war, it's all love."

Oh really ???? ALL LOVE RAY J

 Ray J even disses the lovely Kimye couple by saying,

   "Hit it from north, brought her head down south, now that I'm finished, she's on to Mr West..."

I guess the only way to get a jump back into the music industry is with bad publicity and that's what Ray- J is completely doing.

Take a listen tot his track below

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