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Lauryn Hill Blames Lack of Tax Payment on Threats to Herself & Family

For three years, Lauryn Hill didn't pay her taxes ('05, '06, '07). She claims it was because there were threats to her family.


Well, she plead guilty to tax evasion charges some time last year. Her sentencing date is approaching and she found herself filing more legal papers for some kind of "take it easy" process.

Her sentencing is April 22nd and claims that herself and her family was threatened many times. She also goes on about how she removed herself from society long ago to get away from the negativity and furthermore, music as a whole.

Now, many people downplay, misconceive  and have their own opinions on the illuminati; or whatever secret society is out there.

Not saying that divisionELITE believes in any such rumors, however, in Lauryn Hill's Unplugged album, she did reference trying to get out for various reasons, some directly correlating with the evil of music and worldly issues.

Anyway, "Lauryn is asking a judge to consider a bunch of factors in her case, including the fact that she will be able to pay off her debt much faster if she's not in jail. She's asking a judge for probation."
Just listen below!

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