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Don't Tell Her She's Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl

"Well, yeah, she's pretty to be a dark skinned girl."

What is that even supposed to mean? That our beauty is determined by the complexion of our skin?
Who made the rule that three shades darker than light is not pretty? And if you happen to have features out of the ordinary while at the same time of the darker complexion, you are pretty, but for a dark skinned girl.

Why can't we just be pretty?

In my opinion, darker skinned females are some of the most beautiful females!
Not because of their complexion but because those are the ones who exude humility.

As a race, we pull the "race" card with other nationalities but fail to realize the segregation we cause within ourselves. 

There's absolutely nothing less pretty or beautiful about a female based on the color of their skin.

And ladies, realize the reality of YOUR beauty. it isn't up to the world to dictate. Embrace yourself as a whole and if no one told you today, you are beautiful. Not for a dark skinned girl,or light skinned, or caramel, etc. you are beautiful for you!


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