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Chris Brown Disses Drake in "R.I.P Remix"

Chris sent shots to Drake in his verse on "RIP Remix," not that far fetched, huh? Well Chris Brown stated the following in the verse:
"Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed/ And if you started from the bottom, go on and come out the closet,"
Drake and Chris are still participating in legal battles and Chris said he is trying to remain focused on his music and he and Drake will never see eye-to-eye,

"Me and him don't see eye to eye so it's gonna be what it is, me and Drake. I can say his name. I don't care. We're never gonna see eye to eye."
On top of his beef with Drake, Chris low-key tried to play Frank Ocean! He says Frank played a sympathy role seeing as how the Grammy's were approaching only a few weeks following the incident.

"There's a lot of strategies people try to use when they're up for awards. You know? It's the sympathy role.I don't have to go that route. I just do my music and do my thing. For [Ocean], it's whatever. . .Love your music, bro! Have fun,"
Well Chris we wish you the best with finding peace and positivity!
Check out Chris Brown on "R.I.P Remix"!


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