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"Don't catch feelings," he said. "We're only friends," he said.

“Let’s chill,” “let’s date,” “but don’t catch feelings we are just supposed to be friends and I don’t want a relationship.” Don’t sound much like a friendship to me. Don’t expect a man or woman to not catch feelings if you calling and texting them all the time. Wanting them to come over and spend time with them. Yes girls catch feelings fast but don’t think for a second a guy won’t do the same thing. If you want a friendship then start your relationship with that mindset and let that person know that’s what you want; because if not you are just leading them on. You can’t have everything that comes with a relationship but be friends it just doesn’t work that way. So define your relationship and don’t try to make it more than what it is later down the line when you want to have more than a “friendship” and you grow to like that person.

And ladies, stop screaming "where the good men" when there is most likely one right under your the friend zone.

But the friend zone is another story for another time!

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