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My Black is BEAUTIFUL!

Lupe Fiasco's song, which is both underrated and unappreciated, "Bitch Bad" really touched my heart. If you haven't heard it, He basically goes through scenarios of how black women[girls] and men[boys] form preconceived notions of what a "bad bitch" is.

What exactly constitutes a "bad bitch?"

 Black women are generally stereotyped in the media in more negative ways than positive. 
We, as women view these portrayals and birth new ideas of the black woman today. We are caught in a never ending “Simon says” game with media and society. Media influences society and society then influences us --Society says, therefore we do.
Society says: hair like Europeans  and nails by Koreans are in so we abandon our kinks and natural state of being.
Society says light skinned girls are superior and if you happen to be dark skinned with unusual features, you're "pretty, for a dark skinned girl". We nurse complexes for the skin we aren't in.
Society says sex sales, we forget morals and use what we got to get what we want.

Lupe says, "bitch: bad, woman: good, lady: better. They misunderstood". Lady, indeed is better. As a lady, a black lady, it's double important to embrace the gift of being black. When we present ourselves to the world, we need to go confidently.

When we present ourselves, we need to leave a stain so strong that anyone who enters our presence has no choice but to notice how comfortable we are with ourselves, minus the glitz and artificiality. 
I am a black woman.  I take pride in my flaws.

I am not perfect.

Straight hair doesn't make me any more pretty than braids, or ponytails.
I'm just the right size just like my size 13 friends, and my size 3's.
I can look better in clothes from the thrift store than big name brands.
I am black, and I am Beautiful. 


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