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Cassidy speaks on Meek Mill situation

Cassidy joined The Breakfast Club after the Twitter chaos a few days ago.
Cassidy clarifies that the track "Diary of a Hustla" was not a Meek Mill diss.

"It wasn't a diss record . . . I just put it out a couple hours after we went through that Twitter situation so everybody called it a Meek diss. But it wasn't. It was just a record that I just put out just to give the street some bars," Cassidy said.

A few people, Charlamagne included, were disappointed in what we thought was Cassidy's response to Meek Mill's challenge. Cassidy feels differently.

"If I do a diss record, it's gon be on the ether level; if not worse. It's gon' be direct you gon' know it's a diss record. You gon know who i'm talkin' 'bout. . . none of that was for Meek."

Cassidy feels as though he was there with Meek before he got on; but once he did, things got busy. He had no hard feelings until Meek started "talking crazy" on Twitter. It wasn't until then that Cassidy started to seek out the underlying reason.

Cassidy doesn't understand why Meek would challenge him when Meek "knows what [he's] capable of".
There are a lot of different opinions on this drama, but, Check out the video!

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