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Artist Appreciation: Tiara Thomas
Music is something I have a huge appreciation for. It's a form of expression for both the creator and the listeners, as a listener sometimes I don't always relate to what is being sung; but to feel the passion in the artists voice, and the creativity they display is a feeling that keeps me interested in my selections. Not all artists convey this characteristic to me. Notice I said ARTIST. Those are the people I have the most appreciation for.

Today I want to share with you guys my opinion on Tiara Thomas. For those who aren't familiar with TT, she's an artist from Indiana who is with The Board Administration (BOA) Along with Black Cobain, Fatz Da Big Fella, Tre, and Wale. My first time hearing TT I had no clue who she was I just knew she was on Wale's song "The Cloud" and that she had a peculiar voice. I later grew to come more familiar with TT as an artist and I must say she is so what the industry is missing!

I truly appreciate TT as an artist. She manipulates whatever song she is on whether its her voice, her flows, or her ability to do both of those things as she plays her guitar. She is Lauryn Hill re-birthed! Honestly! Lauryn Hill was slept on by my a lot of generation while her career was relevant, which is sad because Lauryn Hill was and is extremely talented. It would be dope if they did a song together!

Tiara is young and has so much potential to blow charts, sell out shows and bring back the appreciation for her cross-genre. I have faith she is going to blow! The CEO of BOA, LeGreg Harrison is doing with BOA what Barry Gordy did with Motown, watch!. Each artist under BOA is going to go so far. My personal favorites are TT and Cobain.

It is said that she is going to release her mixtape "Sallie Mae", I'm sure a lot of us college students and recent grads could relate to the message!
I added some video,some are covers and features but watch how she adds her own personality on them! But you guys should YouTube her more in depth, warning, you might be stuck there all day; TT is very catchy.


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