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Artist Spotlight: Black Cobain

With the BOA Blackout this Friday, I thought i'd share with you guys my thoughts on Black Cobain, an artist from Virginia.

I first heard Black on "Ocean Drive" with Wale. I then saw him in Atlantic City opening for Wale's Ambition tour at the House of Blues. It was then I started to look more into him. He was a raw artist up there on that stage but definitely rocked the crowd. I especially remember that little dance him and Wale did while performing "Slight Work".

Anyways, in my opinion, Black Cobain isn't your traditional up and coming rapper. That sounds pretty cliche, you're probably wondering what separates him from other artists. Words can't even explain but if i had to sum it up, i'd have to say motivation. Cliche again, right?

Nah. I spent a whole day catching up on his music. He tells a story, he has a goal, he has dreams, he has determination. A determination that makes you feel that same desire for success for him. Signed in 2009, Black was BOA's first official signee; since then, he has dropped a mixtape every year:

2009: Now or Never (download)
2010: Now (download)
2011: Young, Gifted, & Black (download)
2012: Cheers (download)

A lot of people say he sounds like Wale when he raps, i'd have to disagree with that. Well, for a first time listener, their voices may confuse you -BUT the message they deliver is almost always different.

One thing I honestly admire about Black is that after spending four weeks in London, performing at the Royal Ballet, Black cut his dreads. The significance behind that action holds so much weight with me. He said one day during a Q&A session on twitter that he's been growing his dreads for a substantial amount of time. He cut his hair to signify developmental and growth into the next stage of his career as an artist.

Black, in my opinion has made so many advances in his career since signing with BOA. From that day to this one, he has gained so many new fans, critics, and believers. I think summer 2013 belongs to him, a spot in the XXL freshman class line up belongs to him; readers beware, he's unstoppable!

Make sure you visit this Friday from 12am-12pm for new releases from him and the other BOA artists! #BLACKOUT

Check out some of his work below. Then do some of your own research, you'll see what i'm talking about!!


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