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ArieBella Couture: Season - The Perfect Storm

Grinding is their norm! ArieBella Couture (ABC) continues to trailblaze their brand in Pittsburgh's streets. . ABC markets themselves as part of the "generation of grinders" in what they named the "naked city", Pittsburg striving to set trends, not follow them.

Owning a "play hard, grind harder" mindset and "by any mean necessary" attitude, ABC tackles the task to make a name for all aspiring trendsetters. This dynamic duo is strives for nothing but the best, are young and restless, faithful grinders and are in a class of their own.

Their latest collection, The Perfect Storm is suitable for everyone. The logos and designs are certainly catchy and nonetheless trendy.

Take a peek at a few of their looks. Visit their official website, and follow them on twitter!

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